Hollister National Who Went.

The Hollister National this year for the A-B loop was brutal! It looked like a war zone bikes upside down everywhere, Mud, Rocky downhills that would make a goat take an elevator. Was it cool or what! Pete did a great job laying out the course this year NO ONE SAID IT WAS TOO EASY!!! I got my trademark start (dead last) and picked my way through the pack making good decisions at the bottle necks helped alot. I think everyone struggled with the downhills and after the first lap I found myself in second place 3 minutes behind first. I was able to keep it on two wheels for most of the race and held on to second but narrowed the gap down to forty seconds at the finish. Second place B Four Stroke I'll take it what a brutally challenging race. :)

#78 Howard Huge

Great job Howard! I knew you were good but didn't know how good. And I can say I rode with you (notice I didn't say kept up with you)

Congrats Howard. I road C4stk on saturday. The weather and terrain were purfect. one lap was almost 9 miles and I completed 5. I only stalled one time during the race, much better than my normal 5 or 6. I left the park before the standings were posted, figured I would catch the standings online. Are you going to race the QuickSilver at Clear Creek this weekend? Doug

I am probably going to skip the National Enduro. I am in shape but not that kind of shape the A-B loop is going to be 148 miles long. 90 of it single track. The C riders will do 90 miles and skip the last loop. Good luck to anyone at this event you are a braver man than me.


Howard Huge,

Sounds like my kind of event! Wish I could of been there, in fact, I got a few friends that would love to of been there too! Check our photos on the Hawaii photo topic. Was it like that?

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