To Vince

Vince, Your bike ROCKS

Would you be able to tell me what parts you used because it just looks so nice!

Hi Wheeli,

Thanks :))

The look just changed, i will send you the pict with the new Werx deco (terrific one !), some CRD protections and a Renthal handle bar, I just finished yesterday.

So about pieces, escape from Yamaha France (it's a CRD) the wheels are Excel in black in 17', as that you can instal a 120/70/17 in front and a 150/70/17 at the rear, front brake is a 320mm Brembo serie or with all the system (P11, etc, etc).

At the moment the tires are Metzeler MEZ3, but I guess I will change it for some D207GPS, much softer.

I set the suspensions at the most hard possible, but I will have surely to change the oil grad in the fork, for a tougher one.

And that's it, a lot of fun in curves road and track ability :-)

The supermotard is really a fun thing to ride.

You know what, when I take a look to my Honda SP1 and I compare it to my WR, I'm stating to like much more the WR:-))

Much of the pieces are coming from yamaha official dealer, they're plenty of accessories.

Best regards


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