Electric Start WR450F???

OK folks, I am usually lurkin' around the YZ250F board, but I heard an '03 WR450F rumor and I thought I would ask if anyone else has heard it.

The rumor I heard from an unsubstantiated source is that the 2003 WR450F will have electric start. Anyone else heard this?

It makes sense...you know Yamaha is not one to rest on it's laurels....and they have only had 6 or 7 years to develop it. They had no reason to release it before the CRF450R came out.

several of us were involved in a survey from Yamaha. We were SPECIFICALLY asked if we would pay extra for electric start.

We were also asked what type of battery, typical dual purpose battery or the "emergency" battery like a KTM uses w/ ~ 7 # increase in weight.

I said YES to e-start!

The battery that comes with the KTM is not that small. It is way bigger than the battery Baja Designs ships with their kits. Man, I would hope that Yamaha would produce a WR450E! Of course, it needs to go on a little diet! The KTM520EXC already feels lighter and more nimble than the WR in the tight stuff. In the desert, my WR felt damn near perfect! I haven't tried the Katoom in the dez yet. 03 should be an exciting year! :)

I have not heard that rumor. I would find it hard to believe that Yamaha would even deal with adding any component on to the bike to add weight. With the introduction of the CRF I think it's safe to say that the YZF will be shedding a few pounds and as a result the WR's will (hopefully) follow. The buzz it pretty big about the 03's being 450's. Im sure that KTM has made a dent in the market because of ele. start but im not sure how many people are willing to pay more for the push button Yamaha. After all it's pretty hard to beat the KTM 520EXC if they were priced the same.

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