Oil pumping out of my 96 XR600R HELP!!

I was out riding about a month ago, my bike has been flawless for years of desert riding, but oil started pumping out of my breather and the cam went flat:eek: I replaced the cam, put in new rings, flushed out the motor and checked the oil pump, put it back together put oil in it and adjusted the valves, started first kick, I let it warm up a few minutes then checked the oil, I added a few ounces and ran it some more, the oil level checked fine on the dipstick, I took her out for a shakedown run, about five miles on the street, and oil was dripping from the bottom of the bike:foul: :) I checked the oil and it was at the bottom of the dipstick anyone have any ideas on what the heck is going on:crazy:



Henderson, NV

i know it sounds funny but did you check all the drain plugs, hoses, and such

may just be your problem

Is it still spewing out of the breather?

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