WR Suspension gives out easy. Springs maybe?

I found a good jump in my mom's yard of all places. Its funny because she is surrounded by 80 acres of farmland. I tested the water and only got about 4 feet off the ground the first time I hit it and MAN did it bottom. Do springs really make a big difference or do you need to have the total make-over? I've only raced quads before and I just bought new shocks since the older one's weren't rebuildable or I gained inches of travel by just getting new one's. I also decided atving wasn't for me when I couldn't afford it anymore. I thought springs were like $100 for the fronts and the same for the back. Would that take care of a lot of it?

AT 240LBS I HAD THE SAME PROBLEM,i went to suspension plus in e town ,billy recommended a 6.2 for the rear stock is 5.2 i think, and 48 kgs on the front i also did a oil change on the rear ,this was money well spent ,

What did it cost. Thats about 3 hours for me but I'd make the trip.

Shocks can make a big difference--I switched out my rear one. There's a chart online that you look at the get the right one for your weight. I forget the site off hand.

is it hard to change the rear shock? how do i get to it??

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