06 exhaust question

I crashed, bent radiator, exhaust, and sub-frame. I got an 07 stock exhaust from ebay for my 06yz450, (they said the 06 and 07 were the same exhaust). I noticed that the end cap hole is much smaller on the 07 than the 06, and the header on the 07 is a little fatter towards the end of the heat sheild. Anyways, my question is, will the smaller hole on the end cap affect perfomance? If so, should I swap my 06 end cap with it or does the slightly larger header make up for that. Thanks

You may have to use the seal from an '06 to fit the mid pipe to your header. Swap the '06 end cap onto the '07 muffler. It is said to improve the low end performance.

Cool, thanks Grayracer!!

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