Handguard To Triple Clamp?

I installed the Cycra handguards this weekend and the bar clamp seems to make it hard to raise the shield above knuckle height on the front brake side, i.e. the front brake cable hits the top of the handguard which makes me suspect in a crash that drive the guard up it may damage the brake line/reservoire. I can't rotate the brake lever down the way I want because of the handguard.

Does anyone have any experience with how to best set this up? Would the clamps that attach to the triple clamp alleviate this problem? Don't want to pay the $40 for a different bracket if it's no better.

Last question would be at what height is optimal for the guards? I would think "above" knuckle height.

I have run the Cycra and GYT-R bark buster triple clamp mounts and ended up with my brake line under the mount, but I like my levers pointing almost at the ground. If I recall correctly, the line was also routed under the standard Cycra bark buster handlebar mounts. Going with the TC mount does create a little more room here though, prior to using them I know I had to compromise a little on my brake lever placement.

I think what makes them worth the $40, or whatever, is that your guards will not rotate, and your bars will be harder to bend because the TC mount triangulates the bars to the TC.

As for height of the guards I’d say that varies. I run mine a little lower, with the top edge only about a half inch above the grips because most of the brush and stuff I run into is making contact from below. I can really scratch the heck out of a set of handshields in just a few rides, and most of the scratches are on the bottom. But I suppose if I rode in trees I might want the shields up a little higher.

Hope this helps.

I have shot putted my WR at every concievable angle and my bars have never bent or my breakline ever broken. The GYT-R Aluminum Hand Guards were the best investment I ever made (Same as the Cycra's). The trick to getting a little more lift on the guards, is to only use the top TC bolt that comes with the package and raise the connector all the way up. 1 bolt in the connector to the TC is plenty to protect your property. Had mine that way now for almost two years.

Bonzai :)

When using the supplied clamps with the guards, I made some spacers for between the clamps and the guards. This helped clearance for controls, needed because of running shortet bars. Now I am using the triple clamp mounts and do not need the spacers. Also much more secure with the room for controls. :)

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