2007 WR450 Valve Check Results?

Checked them at 426 miles and they were spot on. I anticipate they'll be at the same clearance at 1000 miles.

Well, technically, whatever size you put in determines the gap you have. So you can go either way with it. Put in a thinner shim and widen the gap or put in a thicker shim and close it up.

A buddy of mine was saying that Yamaha must put odd size shims in there because he has found wierd sized shims in a few bikes. Anyone have this experience?

Last check I had to lessen the gap on the valves and while its more usual for the gap to tighten its not uncommon to have to lessen it.

As for the shim sizes, yes I have found some different sizes, I took out 2 shims from the exhaust that were both 1.67mm when checked with the micrometer. Dunno if that was Gen Yammy parts though or the previous owner?

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