xr 650 l, Any hope for medium framed riders?

i am 5'-10" and 160lbs...i feel straight at home on my xr 650l even on single track...the size of the bike is a mental thing IMO.

I agree.

im just under 5' 11" 183lbs.

The bike is tall thats for sure , but you get used to it.

Only problem i have is offroad , getting high sided on a hill where i can put my foot down to contact the ground.

you adjust to the bike quickly.

I just lowered my 650. I used the Perform. Designs link. The link looks awesome and they even through in some extras, a multitool screw driver and a key chain pen light,lol but never the less a bonus. To me, the bike handles better and doesn't feel so top heavy now. I full riding gear, 190-195 lbs, my feet completely touch the ground, hopefully this means less high siding. I'm also 5'10" and felt the bike to be too tall offroad, not anymore.

Thanks once more for all your answers!!

Reading your posts seem to indicate that I will be fine with the xr650l. The only problem some of yall had was on inclines, its flat as flat can be here in Fl.

I'm in the market for a good used one, and the lowering link is always a option, thanks again Joey S aka 308

Im 5'7 about 160 on 97 xr600. Lowered Rear enough to be comfortable on street and dopped front about 1". I can comfortable touch without leaning to much and am happy. I ride mostly on street but even off road have no troubles except for an occasional bad spot with uneven surface that keeps ground out of reach. Last bike I had was a CR500 that was way taller so like I said I am more than happy with the 600. Like was said before lower it to much youll find kickstand is a little long. If you like it learn to deal with it and run it.

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