Stock U.S. spark arrestor(pics)

Does anyone have any pics of a stock WR426 '02 spark arestor. Canadian model is a "sealed" unit.

My 98 WR in New Zealand has a sealed Arrestor.

(I believe they are the same as the Canadian ones)

I cut it open approx 1 inch from the end, and welded a larger (32mm ID I think) pipe into the end cap, and welded it all back together. Made a huge difference.

Yours may be similar.


Thanks, for the info. I am hoping that the '01-'02 pipes are similar inside to the '98-'99 pipes.Anyway you never get to buy new stuff untill you screw up the old stuff( one week old new bike)lol.

Hey peterg.mangahao,

I have been thinking of doing a mod somewhat similar to whay you did to this sealed up exhaust. Can you tell me what was inside the end of the sealed exhaust when you had it open? How long is that tube that is the final exhaust outlet. The outer part of the muffler is about 4" in diameter and almost 1' long. Is it hollow except for the outlet tube? Do you have any photos of it?


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