At High Speed Missing A Beat

I have a 2007 Honda XR650L with just over 1,000 miles on it. Its has been rejetted and a E2 white brothers slip on exhaust has been added. My question is this: Yesturday I took it on a road trip so i was going at faster speeds for a longer and consistant period of time. It seems that when I was going 75 mph or higher and holding the perticuler speed constant......everynow and then it seemed to miss just for a second. it never bothered me as far as slowing down or losing any speed at all but it made me curious. ALSO....when im going slower it never does this and runs perfectly in everyway!!!! Keep in mind that the miss ( as far as sound goes) made me curious and it never bogged or lost any speed. Does anyone know why it does that or if it could be a jetting issue?

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