New Tire and Bars (pics)

Just thought I'd share some pics of my new Kenda Trackmaster 2 and my Fly Racing bars, with risers. The tire isn't as bad on the road as I expected, it actually does pretty well, and it is a HUGE improvement over stock. The color of my bars matches the oil temp. dipstick good too. What do you guys think of risers? I'm kinda worried that if I hit the dirt hard, that the longer bolts may shear. Here's the pics:

Why no matching front tire? Don't u want to keep the front from washing out in the dirt/sand as well? Bars look great! Keep up the good work.

Thanks big red. I wanted to try out just the rear tire to see how things worked out. After a couple rides I realize that I need a new front tire. It can't even come close to keeping up with the rear.

Where'd you get the risers? I've been looking for a set.

How deep do the bolts thread into the mount (with the risers added)?


I got the risers at It's their universal kit.

I don't know a dimension off the top of my head, but they seemed to thread plenty deep enough. They give you a bunch of different length bolts in the kit, so odds are, you'll have some that work.

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