Mikuni flatslide carb question

I am considering purchasing a Mikuni flatslide carb 41 mm for my 1993 XR600R.

Does anyone have any input?

I want to know as well?

pumper or non pumper?

I have one on my 96 600R I have a hotcam and 632 big bore, jetted with 250 main and 12 pilot, 1 1/2 turns out on the air screw, it works really good, I am also at 2000 to 5000 feet most of the time.

It's an easy card to tune:applause:

Oh, non-pumper, don't need it, she starts first kick cold almost all the time.

I have the same carb on my L from XRs only and have been very happy with it over the stock carb (non Pumper)

i am running one on the 94 xr 600 and like it a lot

i have the pumper i like the throttle respoonse as well as the chock not that i ever need it but there absolutly no hesitation respondes anywhere in the rmp range and starts first kick cold and suprising fuel mileage is awsome i can ride around for a month or more on a single tank

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