XR650L vs XR600R JE 101mm 10.5:1 JE ceramic coated piston

Hey guys,

I got a supposed XR650L JE piston with the above specs off eBay. The guy tells me XR's Only sent it to him for his XR650L. When I compare the part number on the JE website it shows it's actually for an XR600R. The piston JE has listed with the same specs for the XR650L has a different part number.

Any ideas if I can use this piston or not in my XR650L?

It will work I have the 100mm 600r in my 650l and it runs excellent. your not going to have 10.5-1 comp it will be more like 9.5-1 comp which is better for pump gas.

I thought 10.5:1 was fine if you're running high octane fuel... which I do anyway.

sheet, I don want no stinking 9.5:1 compression mang

XRs only sent me the same piston, I called JE tech. they said it would work but why put it it in when there is more performance to be gained. The xr600 piston is .060 shorter than the correct piston. I got the 10.5 piston direct from JE (at a much better price) and couldn't be happier. I installed a FMF q2 with power bomb header at the same time and changed the whole personality of the bike. It now runs neck in neck with my buddy's 625 sxc. I do run premium fuel, no pinging.

Good luck


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