05 WR450 / 06 YZ450 cam?

Hello all...

Can I put an 06 YZ450F exhaust can in my 05 WR450F?

My buddy's son put some hot cams in his 06 YZ and I can get his cam on the cheap but I dont know if its good for my 05 WR...

The part number is different from an 05 YZF (5TA-12180-00-00) and an 06 YZF (5TA-12180-10-00) but I dont know what the difference is... Anyone know?

I would look at the hot cams catalog and see if they sell the same cam for 05 and 06. As long as they didn't change anything like the lube circuit on the 06 YZ motor it should be fine. You might want to really think about the change though. It makes the powerband more aggressive and that may not be what you want if you ride technical trails. Plus I've heard it makes the bike harder to start with the e-start.

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