Oil plug?

As I was removing the clutch cover from my 87 XL600R - a small plug fell out and onto the ground. The plug is about 1/4" in diameter and resembles a freeze plug. Does anyone have any idea what this is and where it goes?? I have a Clymer manual and cannot find any reference to this.


There is a plug resembling a "freeze plug" pressed into the right hand end of the countershaft. Check and see if the plug has become dislodged.

Thanks creeky- I'll check it out.

Yes! indeed I just went thru this. Honda does not offer one, it is apparently part of the shaft assembly. If you have the old one I would locktite it back in place. or what I did was order a std frost pug from an auto parts store and machined it to fit 25/64 I believe

When an expansion plug is installed, it is a "crush" fit. When it is removed or pops out on its' own, it is no longer serviceable, a new one should be refitted.

Thanks again creeky -

Any idea where I can get a new one? From what I've read on TT, it seems as if most dealers don't know the part exists.....

Short of buying a new countershaft, go to an auto parts store and see if they have a freeze plug of the correct diameter. If they do not have the correct size, maybe get one a little too large and have a machine shop fit it.

can you maybe post a pic of what the counter shaft looks like and also what the plug looks like? many thanx :worthy:

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