Gray wire switch?

Has anyone tried an on off switch on the gray wire, is there any advantage?:):ride:

Do a search...

But why would you want the map to match the stock restricted throttle?

it could be done very easily. why would you want to?

There is an older thread about some one who did do that. from what I remember them saying was inorder for it to work the bike has to be off when the switch to work then restarted it cant be done on the fly. I think the thread was from late 05 to early 2006 time frame if that helps.

I can't think of a situation in which it would be beneficial to leave the gray wire connected. I'd just d/c it and leave it. If you want the switch though it could be implemented rather easily and yes, you would need to shut the bike off, flip the switch and restart it for it to work properly.

My 06 WR450 has such a switch. I never switch it to YZ timing, simply because I like the smoother low end that the WR timing offers. I've only been over 65mph once or twice, which is where I notice the YZ timing being smoother. Honestly, there isn't that much of a difference. It's kind of like the difference between exhaust pipes. The difference is subtle, and you really have to know your bike to notice it-

While it's true that you need to really know your bike and have a rather sensitive arse to notice the relatively small benefit you get from more aggressive timing or from an aftermarket exhaust. However, whether you notice the difference or not you cannot benefit from the increased performance if you don't make the mod. You may not notice the extra 1.5-2.5 HP gain from a freer flowing pipe but it's there regardless. You may not notice the 2 lbs you shaved by opting for the titanium muffler but it's still lighter. A little here and a little there add up to a lot before long. I didn't really notice all that much difference in my old YZ after adding several mods over time. I got a complete exhaust system, V-Force intake, a high compression piston and gaskets, ported head, and cut up the air box. I did all these mods over about six months and when it was all done there was no step after which I really was shocked by a performance improvement. Then I rode my buddy's identical but bone stock YZ and thought something was wrong with it. His bike was much milder and seemed to sign off much earlier than mine. I didn't notice much until it was all added up and I compared it to a stock machine. I'll tell you what, a little adds up fast.

True, just depends on how serious you are about your bike- All those whirlygigs and widgets are great for some people, I'm sure.....but I just want mine to be reliable. I think I've only been full throttle once, maybe twice. I'm just not that kind of a rider-

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