Alternative to fuel screw

:) Does anybody have a special or homemade tool they use to adjust the fuel mixture screw? I've thought about getting a standard adjustable fuel screw but thought I'd ask what everybody else uses. I've tried to get the smallest screwdriver I have up in the hole to adjust, but there just isn't enough room to work. Probably easier to just buy the adjustable screw huh? Thanks for the info and imput!!


07 WR450 owner (and lovin' it!!)

Why not just spend the 20 bucks and order one through this site or any motorcycle magazine?

Just get the fuel screw....:)


Has anyone made/found a fuel screw that bends like the air screw does so that it can be adjusted on the side of the carb?

Has any found or made a free new dirt bike like the WR450?

I ordered the Yamaha GYTR fuel mixture screw and they sent me two(oops). Paid $30 plus shipping. I'd let it go for $20 shipped. Very nice quality and designed specifically for our WR's!

Has any found or made a free new dirt bike like the WR450?

WTH, not sure what you mean by this?

From Motoman393's website, go to the website for the photos of the tool.

"""""Quick Adjust Fuel Screw

If you have a Keihin FCR carb on your bike you already know it is a "royal pain in the butt" to adjust the fuel screw on your carburetor. This is because the fuel screw is recessed 1 1/2". Here is little tool that will make adjustments very easy at the track or in the garage!

Here are the instructions for making the tool.

You only need Three parts:

1 piece of 7/32" O.D. brass tubing. (hobby shop)

1 rod coupling nut 1/4 x 7/16 drilled out to 7/32". (Home Depot)

1 "screwdriver bit" made from an 8 penny common box nail.

Cut the nail about 3/16" shorter than the brass tube.

Hammer, grind and file the cut end into a flat screwdriver shape.

Make the bit end wide enough so that it is a snug fit inside the tube.

This insures that the "screwdriver bit" is centered in the tube.

Also make sure that the end of the "bit is recessed at least 1/16" from the end of the tube.

Glue all this together with some JB Weld or epoxy. Don't get any adhesive on the bit end.

When inserted into your carb the tube will go over the pilot screw, then turn the tool until you feel it grab and adjust away.

Thank you Kendell Coniff for the info about this mod (aka "Mad Potter" on TTalk)!"""""""

Check at the top of the forum under WR performance and then check Motoman 393's site or the Thumperfaq site for alot of free mods and tech articles. WR Dave

WTH, not sure what you mean by this?

Sarcasm.... I was just poking a little fun....... geeeez, keep your wheels on!


I just got a piece of small tubing per Motomans idea but then just looked for a small knob I could screw/glue to the end.I made a mark on the knob so I could count the turns when adjusting.I just used a little locktite and pressed it onto the stock fuel screw.It works and has been on there for many a mile, pretty good for about $3!

I think ts CRFs only or XRs only that has a fuel screw w/ a cable on the end of it. I Like the Slavens one, because its Brass on the busness end to prevent corroding. Its happened before that the needle after setting for a winter, got stuck in te carb body. Had to get a new carb body. I dont take the chance now wth the alumnum ones

I just JB Welded a piece of brass tubing to my stock fuel screw and used a piece of a nail to form the T.

fuel screw.jpg

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