I roda a CR450f this weekend...

I rode aCRF450f off road this weekend. My usuall bike is an 06' WR450 and I must say, the front end of CRF (even with its motocross suspention) was as planted and nimble as I could ever want. My WR is pretty much set up as good as I can get it for steering/traction up front, but it turns like a tractor compared to the Honda. How is the front end of the new 07'WR compared to the Honda or the 06' WR's? Because I tell ya, I fell in love with that Honda. I want to stick with WR's and love the motor and its reliability, but the Honda (I would get a CRX, not CRF as I am an off road guy) was a pretty sweet bike and would get one when it is time to get a new bike.


Find a mate with an 07 and try it :)

The front end seems much better (but it might just be me or the handle bars)

My ex-father-in-law has a 99 WR400 and had issues with his front end sticking in fast turns, it kept wanting to jump over the outside of the berm (when one existed). A more aggressive front tire was the answer. Not sure what terrain type you're riding in but you may want to get a different tire when it's time to replace the one you've got now.

I have tried different tires and have found a great one. It made a big improvement in traction. I have Had the forks revalved, tried different fork levels in the triple clamps and have it working as good as it is going to get. I have a feeling the the CRF is at the top of the heap as far as front ends go. I'm just hoping that the 07's are close to the Hondas. Hopefully I will get a chance to ride one sometime. Dont get me wrong, my 06' is a great bike. I jsut want one with a great front end.


A WR to a CRF is kinda like apples n oranges. Keep in mind that the motocrossers are lighter than the woods models and probally have a steeper rake angle which will give a lighter feel and quicker turning.......... just my .02

Yeah, the CRF is lighter, but I'd bet the CR450x feels pretty close...

I have an X an R and a wr450 07. The X and R are two totally different bikes. the x s a lot heavier feeling. The WR and the R honda are actually closer together in handling IMO. I still think the WR is the baddest bike out right now.

Thanks Turbo, that is the response that I was looking for. If the 07' WR is even close to the CRF, that will be the bike for me.


Dont get me wrong th wr and the r honda are two diff bikes totally. The wr is closest to it though. A lot lighter feeling than any of the other trail bikes. I can include the new KFX in that too. The crfr is still the most powerful motor out there i think, but the wr is way more usable. Overall when you ride the wr it just feels right.

I also had a 2006 wr. it is a pig compared to the 07. Im with you I could never get my font end right. The 07 you just point and shoot.

"it is a pig compared to the 07" Perfect. that is all I needed to hear. Glad to hear that it is better than the kxf, too. Thanks turbo.


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