2007 KYB vs. Showa ?

What do you 07YZ450F owners think of KYB suspension ?

All the magazines etc. likes KYB a lot this year, is it really that good?

give us your opinions!

I think yzf vs. crf here... anyone went crf to yzf?

I think the CRF suspension is intenended for faster riders, and isnt as supple on small stuff. Where the YZ is more plush throughout but because it has the Speed Sensative system it adjusts the faster you ride.

They both have excellent suspension. The CRF works extremely well on big hits and harsh landings (supercross style jumps and flat landings) but it doesnt deflect chop as well as the SSS system works. Either way, your going to want to revalve for your weight. The CRF has a more controled, and planted feel, but if your just looking for suspension characteristics....the YZF system is the way to go

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