Source Coil 1

What needs to be replaced if the green and brown wires on the source coil 1 fail?

The stator assembly.

did your bike die on you? i was racing yesterday and i finished a 15+2 moto with no problems, rested up, got back down on the line and my bike would not start no matter what i did. i need the check the valves, but it never was hard to start and i checked them last week so i don't think thats the problem. i'm getting fuel, i think i'm not getting spark. anyone had this happen?

Thats what happened to me I just finished with a practice and came over to idle and speak with a friend and it died and hasnt started since.Im gettin fuel with no spark. Also I checked the valves like 2 weeks ago and they where fine.

Just curious,how much time you guys have on your motors. Thinking it may be a common electrical problem with the 07's,and I will be heads up on mine. 10 hrs on mine no problem here.I wonder if the stator on the 07's are suspect.

Probably around 30 hours not riding very hard tho

my hour meter reads 34.6. mine are fairly hard hours, lots of racing, but that shouldn't matter. mine didn't actually die on me while i was running it, i hit the kill switch. maybe something broke then or when i went to start it again. i pulled it apart last night and i checked the resistance and continuity on everything, to me it looks as though the spark plug cap/coil is junk. electrical problems are a nightmare in my opinion, but i have continuity, but no resistance on the primary side(where the wire plugs into the cap). but i do not have any continuity from either leg of the primary to the secondary(where the spark plug goes in). so that tells me its smoked. anybody else have an opinion?

I just switched out the spark plug cap and the CDI box and neither worked any other things I should check before I buy a stator? and what part of the stator is needed generator side or the other part? called and said there was 2 parts. I have no knowledge of this problem.

You have a greenhorn on the parts counter. There are exactly 5 parts on the generator page of the parts book for your bike. There's a bolt, a nut, a washer, and a rotor (flywheel), and what you want isn't any of those.

His trouble is that the book calls it a "Base Assembly", so he can't find the stator. PN = 2S2-85560-00-00

i've never had an electrical problem like this on my bikes. i should have my new coil here today so i'll let you know what happens. i'm stressed now that the problem goes beyond that, but according to the manual and my multimeter the coil is toast.

big suprise, the ignition coil wasn't the problem. i rechecked everything again today with a different meter. the ignition coil checks out fine. i made the mistake of never checking the source coil 1 and 2. green and brown wires are dead on mine as well so it looks like the stator. do you think this is a manufacturing flaw? both of our bikes have about the same amount of time on them.

Its deffinately very lame:censored:

Thanks for the PN grey

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