EKQ: What is part # and where can I get one

I am having all kinds of trouble finding this needle. No one seems to have or can't get the EKQ out here in CO.

I have seen two part #s posted for the EKQ and both come up different needle numbers at the dealer:

5JG-14916-E1 comes up as EVP

5JG-14916-ER comes up as EVR

Anyone know the correct number or a place that will be able to get me one (I even called Sudco and they said that needle was never imported to this country...what?)

Thanks, Doug


I just responded to you in that other post...

The parts microfiche is wrong...so dont listen to the folks at the shop and just order them. I'm quoting you pn's right off of the yamaha packaging and can see the correct markings on the needles...

5JG-14916-E1 OBEKQ

5JG-14916-EP OBEKP

5JG-14916-EN OBEKN


Thanks Larry, I ordered the 5JG-14916-E1 OBEKQ. It came up as an EVP on their micro.

Kerry I ordered from CPS in Castle Rock as it is more convenient for me. I called Vickery also because they stock everything...except this needle. You will have to order it through them. $21 at CPS.

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