Weight of stock 426 flywheel

Does anyone know the weight of a stock '01 yz426 flywheel? I bought a flywheel on ebay that was sold as being +10oz heavier than stock. However both my flywheel, and the new one weigh the same. (1lb 4oz) Thanks!!!

Does the flywheel you bought look like this one?


Steahly Offroad takes an OEM YZ400F flywheel and adds some weight to it. This allows you to run a heavier flywheel without adding a case cover spacer. Even though they weight the same on a scale the added weight is located further from the center of the flywheel. This gives the flywheel a higher rotational mass even thought they weight the same.

If you still have questions give Steahly Offroad a call.:)


Thanks for your help. It looks like I have 2 stock flywheels now. :thumbsup:

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