Slime for avoiding flat tires?

Several of my buddies swear by 'Slime' for avoiding flats. Others just use 'fix-a-flat' which, along with the sealant, is also pressurized and provides air for the tire. Anyone have opinions on these products? While I carry a small pump and a patch kit, I have been very lucky in that I have not needed them. :) Does anyone use the spendy co2 cartrige systems for inflating the tires on the trail vs a pump?

Thanks in advance,


When trail riding I have a set of shorty tire irons, a couple Co2 cartiges, and at least one cheapy front tube (we always try to get each person in the group to have at least one tube with them). The front tube can be used in the rear in a pinch. If you are going to go though the trouble of patching the tube you might as well put in a new tube in my opinion. I can't remember if it was Moose or not but Co2 setup isn't much more than a couple cans of fix-a-flat.

I have also used Slime tubes before and never got a flat. I don't know if this was the Slime or just good luck though.

As far as fix-a-flat goes it works as a temp fix. When I have used it the search for the gas stop and more fix-a-flat begins.

This is what works for me, Jon

Tire pressure is the key here - about 5 years ago I took the advice of an old desert racer and pumped the tires up to 15 psi when I ride desert/off-road. As some of you know, the desert is notorious for crawling rocks (that rock wasn't there :) ) - and I honestly have not got a pinch flat since. This is not the best setup for optimum traction, and I don't run this high of pressure on the track. ....and I'm looking for some wood to knock on right now, cause I'm sure the next time I ride that fate will make me eat my words !

Buy the refill CO2 cartridges at walmart for the crossman air rifles,cheap works fine for me.

I've used slime for years and had great success. I have taken tires off to change and found that slime had stopped small holes.

The small pump might be a good idea on a mountain bike tire, but your arm will be falling off before you finish pumping up a motorcycle tire. It would make do in a last ditch effort. I've ridden 50 miles in a rock race to finish without damaging the rim, if you take it easy 9 times out of 10 you don't have to change that tire until you get back to the truck.

My 0.02 worth.


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