SSSHHH! Don't tell my Husqvarna friends I'm here, need advice on year and model.

I have always been a BIG yamaha fan. Recently, I let a buddy of mine talk me into getting an 04 Husqvarna TC450. The bike ROCKS. With all due respect to everyone here, I beat reds and blues to shame. But I miss the ease of getting parts and after hearing horror stories of the husky dropping valves well, I miss you blue.....please forgive the prodigal rider.......:)


What bike, What year, Why? I am the father of two and in college still so I can't rush right out to get the lastest and greatest. Keeping the bill around $3k-$4k. Also I'd like to stick with the big four strokes.

I really appreciate any advice in making my decision.

You would get a good used 05 YZ450f for that money I think. I guess 06 might be better (much better to ride so they say due to the alu frame) but might cost you more and since the 05 and earlier are still very reliable, if you don't mind the poorer handling it could be fine..

I have seen some giveaway prices on used 06's, so be patient and find one of them. They are much better than the previous models.

I got my 04 yz450f at a steal for 2800 bucks about 2 months ago. thing needed nothing except a rider. Guy had a kid and had to sell it. too bad for him great for me!

You can probably find a similar deal on an 05 for 3400-3800 but if you can find one the older 426's and 400's go for a song and a dance.

The '06 is far and away superior to any YZF that came before it. But if that's out of range, here's what the earlier 450's are like:

First, all of the '03-'05 models were 4 speeds. The ratios start with nearly the same low gear and end up with a 4th that's in between the 4th and 5th of the older and newer YZF 5 speeds. The 4 speed never really got in my way at all, and in some respects, I like it better.

Second, they are all about as reliable as any machinery can be made to be when used this hard. In fact, they are unbelievably so. Really.

'03: The first 450. Extremely snappy engine, difficult for most to manage throttle control with it. Rear suspension was good, but the forks were the same 46mm KYB single camber bumper forks found on the older models. Most people added flywheel weight to address the snappy nature of the engine.

'04: Very much like the '03 with just a little bit of the edge taken off the engine, not much. The forks were considerably better (48mm single chamber with hydraulic bottoming cones instead of bumpers). They also added Ti footpegs that year.

'05: The two major changes were that the engine was much more mellow in the bottom half of the power curve, and the forks were upgraded again. The power was modified, to the best of my knowledge, by altering the ignition map. If you feel as some do that the engine needs more grunt, you can get it by using a Vortex, or possibly by back fitting the '04 CDI. The forks were the first twin chamber KYB's, the AOSS system that Kawasaki also used on the '06 KXF450. They were a big improvement. Not as good as the '06 by any means, but way ahead of the earlier forks.

The '05 also has a high primary gear ratio to reduce the load on the clutch. This means that they use one tooth smaller front sprocket than the previous models for the same overall gearing.

Excellent!! This is what I need to know. I will go shopping this up comming week. I really appreciate all your time and experience!

Have you been watching the KSL classifieds? There's usually a handfull of

03' - 05' 450's on it.

04 or 05 yz450... the 06's are a little out of that price range, but if you can find one for that cheap i would go with the 06 hands down..check the classifieds here, ebay, and luck and welcome back to team blue!

How good/bad are the 426's?

Reliable as a driveway, for one thing. About 15-20 pounds heavier than the 450's, have a 5 speed, and only 1-2 hp down on the bigger bikes. Older, less refined suspension.

Along with what gray said they are also alot cheaper and are still green stickered if in cali. I have not had one lick of trouble with my 426 aside from a master cylinder and the tank cracking both replaced and easy fix's. They are rock solid reliable with proper maintenance, the 5 speed is nice, but it all depends on what you want to use the bike for.. just for cruisin with the family the 426 would be a good way to go. :thumbsup: I happen to know a guy selling his 02 WR in Vegas.. *wink**wink*

I have seen some giveaway prices on used 06's, so be patient and find one of them. They are much better than the previous models.

X2... be patient and wait till you find an '06 in your price range (or until you've freed up a bit more cash)... you will not regret it!

Good luck.

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