Good offroad tire combo

I'm done with Dunlop tires (D606, D752, D739) for enduro riding. They just don't last that long and the D606/D752 fronts slide on dry desert terrain with the 650R.

Out here in the desert and on rocks, I use a Michelin S-12 90/90 front tire and a Maxxis Maxcross IT 120/100 rear tire. Awesome grip, Decent life!! The Michelin is the best front tire I have ever used on the 650R. Last weekend, I hit sand washes, single track rock trails, rock face, mud, hardpack dirt, and pavement. I am going to try a Desertcross IT 120/100 rear next for a little more longevity at the expense of harder rubber. The only drawbacks I have to complain about these tires:

-Michelin S-12 90/90 - The front is a little squirrely on the pavement meaning that the bars can shake if you don't hold them steady. Other than that, no complaints to date. Straight line braking on pavement is still very strong.

-Maxxis Maxcross IT 120/100 - The O.D. of the tire is so large that it rubs the white plastic swing-arm guard and slowly chews it up. The bead is not as tight on the Maxxis and my bike will slip the tire relative to the rim. Yes, the rim lock is tight. The valve stems get sideways. I might put in a second bead lock, but for now, I make sure that the tire has at least 15 psi in it. I can air down the tire, loosen the bead lock and rotate it back pretty easy with the wheel still mounted on the bike. On the pluse side, the tire is so big that it protects the rim really well from getting bent or dented. This tire grips well on pavement.

Are you running the desert version of the IT? I ran the Maxxis IT for about a year, and while it sucked for traction ANYWHERE, it did hold up pretty well. I've been told the Desert IT is a lot better tire than the plain IT. Different rubber compound apperantly?

I recently got a Dunlop 952 not too long ago. I really like this tire, and it hooks up really well everywhere I go. But, I'm unimpressed with the amount of abuse it doesn't take. I only have about 3 rides on this tire, and its starting to get pretty chewed up already. Granted, Eastern Wash rocks aren't easy on tires, but I think it should hold up better than it is.

I'm currently running a Maxcross IT. It hooks up ok for me. Basically, if the rear still has knobs by the time I get home, I'm happy. My Dunlop 952's ( I accidentlly wrote 752 above) were chewed up also. They had cuts in the center of knobs and edges were cleaved off. I got about 300-500 (Street/Dirt) miles from a Dunlop rear. I'm getting 400-800 from the Maxxis.

The worst tires I had were Rinaldi Winners. The back tire lost every 3rd center knob after drag racing my buddy stop light to stop light on the street. The knobs just tore out of the carcass down to the belts. They left holes where the belts were showing.

I am pretty light and found that putting my girlfriend on the back of my bike solves the rear tire "hook-up" problem pretty quick. Without her, I just shift my weight to keep traction on the tire I want. Forward going into a turn to stick the front and start the power slide then rear to hold the power slide and hook it up.

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