07 yz450 bad Clutch fade

I have a clutch fade problem. A small amount of clutch use or abuse and I have a lever half way to my nuckles. The free play is fine and I can ride the bike for hours as long as I stay away from the clutch. Help.

I have noticed the 07 clutch gains play pretty easy,what is happening is the plates are swelling pushing the pressure plate away from the push rod.I am not heavy on the clutch,so it is not a problem with me. I have 10 hrs on mine and it does seem the fade has lessened.I have not had my clutch apart to look at the basket to see if maybe there is some lubrication restriction on the fingers OR HOW THE CENTER HUB IS SET UP.Like mentioned I am not heavy on the clutch,I will say I think the clutch is suspect only compared to my KX'S in the past,I was a big time clutch abuser with my KX'S(2 STROKE) and not a glitch with fade.I also think 32 ounces with just a oil change is really cutting it close for oil capacity with the 07. This is my first YAMI 450,I did have a 06 yz250F and the capacity was 42 ounces with just the oil change if I remember correctly. I remember putting in 850ml or cc's in 250 2 strokes which is about 29 ounces,and I do not have to tell you that is just for the tranny.:)

You might want to look at what the "steel" plates are made of in the '07. They carry a different part number, and by the way people complain of the play increasing with heat, the may be aluminum.

In that case, changing to the '06 steel plates may cure the problem.

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