Who s got the highest mileage WR?????

cmon guys let see who s bike s covered the most distance with the least maintenance???? :)

guess ill start

my 07 covered 500 miles with just valve check

theres gotta be some high milers out there with little or no maintenance, this is my first wr and i wanna see how strong and reliable motor is


1200 miles on 07 WR450, oil changes every 200 miles. My 01 250F has only had the oil changed. Still runs strong.

My 2001 has around 8000 miles, but the motor was rebuilt about 400 miles ago..... so the stocker went around 7000 miles not bad ehh1

I bought my wr400 new 00' model. I've changed the oil and filter plenty still has original clutch plates and cable, piston, rings, and spark plug !!. This bike has done a lot of work as well. Road, trails, grass track and moto X. Still goes strong.

Ruff, you forget to tell us the milage??

My 06 has 3000km on her so far so good

Man you guys make me feel like I never ride. I guess my streetbike is getting the most attention. My 02 426 was purchased new in Sep 04. I only have 1500 on it. Let me tell ya though, its a HARD 1500 miles. I beat on it bad. I change the oil every couple hundred miles, and checked, but never adjusted the valves. Now that I say this it will blow up now.

i ve seen a chap riding 04 today with 7000 miles on it he s not 100 percent on full history as had 5500 when he bought it but said all he s done is check valves and change oil

hope mine lasts this long ha ha ha ha

I just finished my 54th oil change on my 02 WR 426 which I do every 300 miles (sometimes 300+) = 16200 miles. I adjusted the valves 3 times, changed the timing chain and rings once and it still starts on the first or second kick. I should have changed the timing chain sooner because the crank sprocket has some wear on it. I getting ready to do a complete rebuild so thats ok. It can't last forever, or can it? This has is be the best bike ever made or at least the most durable ( not including the the low tech, low HP models, XR's ect). My 06 YZ450 has 92 hours on it, (99% track time) and I haven't even checked the valves yet but I have a timing chain waiting to be put in at 100 hours. If it lasts half as long as my WR426 I'll be happy. Yamaha knows how to build an engine!

I've got a 2000 with 7900km. Motors never been rebuilt, original clutch is still super minty.

My 03 450 has 5500 miles with 2 fork seals replaced. I also have replaced the rear wheel bearings, swing arm and linkage bearings, but this was in February of this year. Just normal oil & filter changes. Never adjusted the valves as it seems to start & run fine. Try that on your CRF 450:p \Jim

hey 2000 mod 400 5000km new rings, timimg chain rubed through chain housing on the cylinder. i use mine as a daily rider and want to know if i should keep it or buy somthing more street rideable. i do 80km's a day. 99% street ridden. love the power and ride though. what should i do?

2004 with aprox 12, 000km Valves still in factory spec! I need to ride harder I guess.... It is dual sported and I do do motard racing. Always used amsoil and filter changer every second oil change, running pump 91 woot

I seem to recall a similar thread such as this in the past... :thumbsup:

I have 8100 miles on my 03. Checked the valves at 500 miles, adjusted at 3,000 and then again 7,800. Adjustments were minimal, but required. Oil changed every 250-300 miles.

IndyWR450 had 12k miles on his 03 a year and a half ago and was probably pushing 20k before it was stolen a few weeks back.

how would you know , there is no odometer. the mile marker on my new 07 can be reset. or did i miss something ?

i am not sure exactly without checking the milage book

and i installed the vapor

my last memory was 6000 miles 1 valve check soon to be two

klotz 2050 synthetic every other filter change,

750 highway miles gets an oil change 200 off road

My '99 has close to 30,000 miles on it. But I've done a hell of a lot of maintenance on it. Oil change every 300 mile sor sooner, Mobil One 15W-50 synthetic oil and a lot of parts replaced over the years. It still runs like a scalded ape, though.

Dave in Cambodia here. I bought a new WR450f in 2004, then shipped it to Cambodia for my company car. I now have 87,000 klm on it, recorded from my GPS. This is my trip mileage, so considering the around town usage, I would guess I am near 95,000 klm total.:thumbsup:

Oil changed every 1000 klm, and whenever drowned in rivers. Changed out the OEM clutch basket to a Hinson at 50,000 klm due to excessive grooving. Use OEM plates.

Just had a shifting fork go bad and caused major transmission damage. Thankfully it happened on the highway and not in the jungle! Complete engine rebuild under way, top and bottom, new crank and main bearings, replace 4 broken gears, piston/rings, valves/guides. All these new parts cost a mere $2300. Yikes! Considering 87,000 klm in the "Fun zone" near trouble free, the price is not too bad. Just wish it didn't happen all at once.:busted:

I would rate the overall reliability of my WR in the "I can trust it to get me home" category. I don't race anymore. I don't truck my bike to a place to ride for the day or the weekend. It doesn't stay in the garage until Saturday. I use it nearly every day for my main source of transportation. My work takes me into the field routinely, often in remote and difficult territory. I leave my gate with a pack on my back and a small pack tied to my Pro Moto Billet rack and am gone for up to a week and usually 2000 klm or more. Then I drive back into my gate. My main concern regarding my bike is the "Back inside my gate" part. My wife and two kids are waiting for me. I really like them and want to get home very much. If I break down out there it is not just a matter of getting towed 20 miles back to the truck and a sad ride home. I have had other guys traveling with me break down and it took a week to get them and their hardware home. Usually Suzuki DRZs'

My bike has never done that, for which I praise God first, then excellent engineering and good maintenance habits.

One last note: If you are strictly choosing according to reliability and low maintenance........ buy an XR400r. THE most reliable trail weapon available in my opinion. My first company car in Cambodia was a 1998 XR400r. I rode it 4 years and 240,000 klm. Then it died. I was sad, but very satisfied. The WR is much more fun to ride. All that fun comes at a price though.:thumbsup:

Hi Folks...got a 04 WR450F up here in Canada...7000 kms and still going strong!!

'05 with 5185km and nothing but oil/filter changes. It's street legal though, so my daily commute counts for alot of that.

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