To go wide or not?

I have a 2003 YZ450F and am getting to the point to change out tires. I am currently running in the rear a Dunlop D756 110/90-19 and am wondering if there is a downside to running a 120/90-19. There is no price difference, but will there be a fitment issue. I can't see physically if there will be but it does look like there is about a 15mm gap right now between the chain and side knobbies of my 110 size rear. Is there a handling disadvantage or is it pretty much an all good thing? I know how to set up a chassis and I can take circumference measurements and alter chassis setting to adjust for a taller/shorter tire. Any help would be appreciated.


I ran a 120/90x19 Maxxis IT for quite a while, and other than the fact that the tire provided a little more defense against rocks, there was no real advantage in terms of traction compared to the 110.

There were no fitment issues, but there were 3 downside points that I noticed:

> The weight. The 120 is significantly heavier, and if you ride fairly fast, you can tell it.

> Cornering (traction). The extra bite was just enough to cause the front to push a littler more on turn in, and on my '03, that was already a big enough problem without encouraging it.

> Cornering (profile). The tire being wider makes the bike a bit more reluctant to lean into a turn as the corner is initiated. Again, an '03 has a big enough problem with this without adding to it.

Cool, well those are good enough points for me to stick to what I know (the 110). I knew of the last two principles from street/track riding. I just didn't know they would still apply in the loose world. Thanks for the info.


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