wr250 shock on a WR450?

I have an emergency. A buddy is leaving for Colorado and his shouck is leaking on the 2003 WR450.

Does anybody know if a shock from a 2003 WR250 will fit.

It looks the same, but I did not want to pull both if I can get an answer here first.


look at the part numbers onlin

If it saves a riding trip I would go for it. I would probably keep the spring from the 450 on the 450 though. The valving might be a little different I doubt it would be much.

Shock part numbers are different, BUT the top and Bottom bolts parts numbers were the same. So I went ahead and moved it.

I am sure the valving is just different is why the shock numbers are different.

It did bolt right up, and the bodies look identical.

IE: it worked and the trip will go on as planned.

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