XR's only pipe

Looking for a pic of an xr's only pipe on a XR650L. I'm trying to find one that doesn't stick out to the rear so much. I had a big gun r before and of course don't want to go that route again!

Seems the xr's is the way to go. But i'd like to actually see it on the bike before I buy.

Have you checked out the White Brothers E-Series? I think it looks decent. You can search for threads on it.

hope this helps...





click to enlarge:


Yes... Thank you! I've been looking for a while now for a good pic.

I went ahead and ordered it last night, but now I'm glad I did!

You're bike looks sweet btw... Nice job on that rear fender.

Nice ride,I have the oval pipe and it looks alot diff. Sorry no pics.

I didn't notice that before... but the oval is what i ordered also. Guess I'll see when it comes in.

The oval looks better IMO. I have some pictures at home. I will post them for you later tonight. When you get the pipe take it apart and check for loose packing in the pipe. I have had two that came with loose packing and it clogged the pipe on the first one. The insert causes the bike to run a little hot so make sure you get your jetting down because it will burn the sticker right off the pipe and leave a nasty burn mark on your pipe. I am still playing with my jetting but should have something worked out by this weekend so I will let you know.



Thanks! That looks great

It seems a little discolored, like it got hot... Is that just the pic?

No, it got hot. The quite core insert will cause the end to get hot. If you use a insert I would take the sticker off or they can send you a metal replacement. I will be putting the metal one on because the pipe is way to loud without the insert.

Ok... thanks again for the info.

Let me know what you end up with on the jetting. I was at 58/160 using the standard jets and shimmed needle with a Big Gun R pipe before. I figure this one will be the same since the Big Gun was really loud also.

I plan on using the quiet insert this time around though.

Well, the thing is… The XRs Only Pipe comes with a main jet… I forgot what it was, but it’s was a tad rich for my bike (but I still used it). The bad news about the pipe is that it WILL NOT mate to the stock header. The collector (or part where the pipe connects to the header) is a larger diameter. I had to make a “special” adapter (long story) to make the stock header work with the XR”s only pipe. I plan on buying the XR’s only header on day, but for now it works (and no vibration either).

Yep... they sold me a $10 gasket to fix that problem when I ordered it!

Well, I should have it installed this coming weekend... I have a few jets to try, so I'll let ya know how it turns out.

thanks again

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