2002 GNCC series on Fox Sports

I'm not exactly sure when the 2002 GNCC series starts, but does anyone know if they are going to show it on Fox Sports again this year like they did last?

I didnt have my dish last year so I didnt get to see any of it. :) So I was hoping they were going to do the same this year.


Their web site shows that they will be running this year as well. The schedule is usually posted on the site as well. I don't think the airtimes start until May or June.



Thanks Terry. I tried that site already before I asked the question.

When I click on that link it comes up unavialable. Mabye I need to wait untill the season gets a little closer.

I just tried it again, your right. I suppect they may have changed their server, or it may just be down.

Its between seasons so they may be undating there site.

The other place I saw their air times was at

It doesn't show the times but coverage will begin June 5.


I think you have to subscribe to motonews to get that page.

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