clutch question

well i have had my bike for a few months now, when i first bought it (used) the clutch was fine but now when i start it up and let the clutch out to go it feels a bit grabby as the bike starts to roll (kinda like it is sliping) and my question was how can i fix this?

i have adjusted the cable a few times and it helped a little bit. but im just stumped should i lube the cable or something. please help i have a long weekend of riding coming up and i would like to be able to not worry about burning up my clutch while doing so.

You can take the clutch cover off your bike which is on the kickstarter side but before you do you will have to drain the oil out. Then you can start taking the plates,hub and pressure plate out then you can check the clutch basket for groove marks. If it has groove marks which will be located on the basket fingers youll have to take a file and smooth the fingers back down. This will give you a better clutch feel. The grooves are caused by the clutch plates hitting the basket fingers and over time the plates have worn against the basket which caused the grooves. Hope this helps!

Just a word to the wise. If the basket IS notched, and you do file the basket fingers down, it will help for a short while, but it will also accelerate wear, so plan on replacing the basket soon anyways.

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