Tank Covers?

Have any of you ever used or seen a fuel tank cover on an XR600R? My tank dosen't look the best so thought it may look good. :)

I ordered one of those covers from Bolivia Exports from eBay. It was too small. Maybe I should have heated it up with a hair dryer or something, but it ripped, and I threw it away. Would not buy one again.

I too ordered a cover from Bolivia Exports.. But it fits awesome! The key is that you have to put it inside something like a pillowcase and then run it in the dryer for about 5 minutes or so. I would not run it too long for fear of melting it, but just enough to get it nice and soft. Then be prepared to stretch it where you want it to go. As it cools off, it will pull all the wrinkles out! Mine works awesome!

My factory white tank was painted an ugly Reddish Orange by the PO. I tried getting all of the old paint off, but it still looked like crap when I was done. Scratches, paint remnants, scuffs & scrapes. I put the tank cover on-and all is well now! You can see a picture of the tank cover here:


If you want a better shot, or a side shot, let me know.

Remember, the key to getting them on is that you have to get them really pliable before you try and stretch them! Compared to the price of a new tank, this was a no-brainer... I was waiting on them to release the matching seat cover which they promised me was coming... I got tired of waiting and went with a different seat cover.

I have one on mine,, my tank looked like hell,,, tank cover and seat cover match bike looks new...

Hey camoman,

What uear is you BRP and were did you get the cover and seat cover. Thanks for all the info everyone:thumbsup:

1987 ,, I searched on ebay,,, do a search on xr tank and seat they will come up....bunch of them

I found some and they said they would fit 88 and up. Did they fit your 87 al right?

Thanx :thumbsup:

Like a glove.....

i like mine from ebay. a couple of wrinkles but it looks better than yellowing decals


Yes it does,,, makes the bike look like new

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