Just a worn out brass washer?

My bike has been leaking oil badly for a while. Pretty sure this is where its all coming from:


Then running down the frame:


About 2 weeks worth:


What do you think? And the bolt is tight, I checked.

Is that all oil in the pan?

If so, that is alot more than if it was just a leaky washer.

In that picture, I see 4 places oil could be leaking from, and there are two more right there that don't show.

The drain plug

The feed fitting junction with the frame

The feed hose at the fitting

The return hose at the fitting

The feed hose at the oil line. (concealed)

The return hose at the fitting (concealed)

If it leaks while it sits, it is very unlikely to be the return fitting. And, because of how and where the drain plug is situated, I doubt it's the drain plug, either. So that leaves the washer at the feed fitting, or the oil line.

Here's a tip: clean the area as dry as you can, then dust it with baby or foot powder. The leak will show up like it had arrows pointing to it.

The first pic doesnt really do it justice.. the oil weeps from the brass washer so much that dust cant even collect on it when I'm riding.

Maybe some dirt got in between there...???

I think Ill replace the washer tomorrow and see what happens. Can I just get one at the hardware store? Anybody know the size off the top of their head?

Can I just get one at the hardware store?

Depends on your hardware store. You might find one there, or have better luck with an auto parts store. You could even try the Yamaha dealer. There's nothing special about them, though. They're just a typical copper sealing washer.

You may want to check the frame and welds around the steering head or just below it.........if you feel oil this high up you got a bigger problem than a loose strainer or brass washer.....I have seen this several times unfortunately :)

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