Lost: JD blue needle

2007 WR450 JDJetting Parts List:

Main Jet 170, 168, 165, 160

Needle Clip

Pilot Jet - 48

O-Rings - 2 of them

Blue Needle

Red Needle

The older JD kits didn't come with a pilot jet or o-rings :thumbsup:


i ve lost my marbels-------can you sort me out wiv a new set????????

...For one the JD kit does not come with a 48 pilot, only mains and 2 needles (and washers)...
The older JD kits didn't come with a pilot jet or o-rings :)

My bad, it has been a long time since I bought my kit, which has my stock 45 pilot sitting in it along with the unused mains. I guess I was trying to be an e-hero. After I mouthed about James not treating customers right, and seeing the two colored request, I went Jarhead and assumed the worst and retaliated. A beer on me to James and Rebith.:thumbsup:

I can completely understand JD's apprehension about replacing a "lost" needle.

The needles are the only custom parts in the kits (which I'm sure took some substantial R&D time to develop) I'm pretty sure that most companies would be reluctant to replace lost custom parts. Try phoning up Answer and telling them that you misplaced your protaper while trying out the stocker and see what they say.

I too can understand the apprehension, I was never interested in a handout or a warranty for a lost item, just asking if I could purchase a replacement or buy a used one off a TT member, now I understand the needles are not for sale and JD is apprehensive (it is very cool that JD was willing to make nice and send me a free needle for the trouble)so thats cool, not a big deal

It is one thing to demand a free one and another to want to pay for a replacement....

I love my JD jet kit and would hate to loose a needle.

Nice to see the issue resolved!

I have been following this thread for a couple of days now and I have a question. JD why don't you just make a kit out of just the needles? I understand the nightmare of a warranty on such an item but if rebirth lost an individual needle. How many other people have lost individual needles? Not to mention the fact that rebirth was will to pay for the replacement. Not to say rebirth would have purchased your needles from the TT store, your Internet site, or a any other retail outlet, but at lest in my humble opinion, I would purchase a set of the red and blue needles if I happen to lose one. I would purchase this kit from anyone of the sources mention above that was the most convenience to me. Not to mention that needles and o-ring are the most important parts of your kit. BTW you are doing rebirth right by replacing his needle :thumbsup:.


Personally, I have had similar requests into JD, and have had similar (positive) experience.

I think JD is a great operation to deal with, stand behind their product, and overall have heard of no compaints that weren't later revoked due to the support provided by JD.

Keep up the good work!:thumbsup:

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