Clarke YZ tank - quality unit !

I have nothing but good to report after installing the Clarke "stock YZ" tank on my WR. I removed the stock WR tank/seat after 3 rides on the bike and replaced them with IMS 3.3 tank/YZ seat combo. And yes it fit, but with only one mounting bracket and it took lots of tweaking to get the seat and shrouds on the first few times.

The 2.0 Clarke tank fits much better, and although it won't be real useful for long rides, it sure slims the bike for forward transition on the track. And for only $38 more, I got all of the YZ petcock and mounting hardware to make the swap quick and easy. The quality of the Clarke tank finish is also far superior to my IMS tank with no plastics blemishes or rough spots.

Thumbs up on the YZ Clarke tank !

Ditto Here! It does rub on the rear shock res. had to put a pad between tank and shock res.


SoCal, In your signature you say "Euro YZF exhaust", is there a difference between the european and US YZF exhaust??


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