Does a Kick stand make me a sissY!

WOW, Thanx everyone, Loks like I stumbled onto a real north/south issue!

I have been riding the past few days without one and it turns out to not be a huge problem 'round where I live, but I ordered one and will put it on.

I am after all, an old man and need to keep my jumping to a fairly tame level,,,, NAW!! but all the same cautious,,, NAW!!!!!!

Great feed back, straight forward, I think I'm gonna like this place!


WHAT a yz with a kickstand &%$#@!



for trail riding a kick stand is a must have

OK day of riding and tuning the Bike!

Last night installet Moose Magura Fat bars, Hand gaurds on the SIC mutha and It is certainly easier to lean against almost anything now that the natural instinct to protect rubber grips is no longer an Issue. Also btw, installed a mix screw adapter, a new plug and took apart the throttle and lubed the $h!^ out of it and the Whole "STart Thing" is becoming a non issue. This bike DEF needs more TLC than does my old 500.

I still will install the Stand when it comes, most likly, but note to the non-standers out there, next time the subject raises its nasty, fanged head, keep in mind a DEF sell on the no stand side of the tracks is the install of a Quality set of hand gaurds, Metal ones that can support more than the weight of the bike are really a must huh!

well, I imagine this thread is running down but I dug the he(( out of it, straight talkers the lot of you! No Doubt!!

TT is all right!


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