"Braking" Wave Front Disc WR450 '05

Anybody running a wave front disc / pads made by "Braking" in Italy?

It's a bit bigger than standard and they reckon the pad area is also larger so I was wondering if the brakes were an improvement over the standard set-up.

Standard brakes are pretty good but there's always room for improvement.

I have them for the Supermoto days, very good setup. They use the only calipers I've seen that are made of two seperate halves and you can change the pads without taking the caliper off.

i'm using the disc on the front of mine and it does feel like it grabbs alot more when i hit the brakes than the stocker on my 99. i didn't get a chance to ride my new one that much with the stock one though so i not sure on the improvement it made.

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