idle problems

hi there ive been having some problems with my 426. firstly its been through 3 plugs in 4 weeks:mad: i fitted a new plug yesterday and she fired stright up:ride: once i take the choke off it ticks over nice for about 1 min then the revs start to climb up and up. once they stop climbing they wont come back down until i adjust the idle screw. then it just cuts out:foul: could this be a carb fault?? not sure so please help:confused: cheers danny

My YZ400 did the same thing. The only thing my bike did not do was the climbing of the idle. my idle was super high as if the choke was alaways on (even though i cut the choke off). I took it to as Yamaha service shop and they found a whole bunch of parts in my carb that were working (the float in the carb's bowl and some needle valve).....

They are fixing it as we speak..... they service guy called me and said that the carb was so dirty that he was surprised the bike would even start (even with the broken parts in the carb)

If i were you, I would check the carb and see if it needs some TLC

I hope this helps.

Patrick M.

Sounds like it is time for a good cleaning. You have a plugged jet somewhere. Take it apart and pay particular attention to the orientation of the throttle slide and plate if you remove them. Blow some carb cleaner through all of the fuel passages and jets to be sure they are clear. While you are in there take note of all of the jet sizes for furture reference. Also, while you are at it, make sure your air cleaner is clean and not all plugged up with crap. Hope this helps.


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