Best Tires?

What is the Best tire combo for a XR 650L? Manily riding on paved country roads with some trail riding. Thanks for all the info:thumbsup:

There is tons of threads on this subject with lots of recomendations.

My favorite is the Kenda K270's for all around.

Continental Tkc 80?

yep do a search in this forum and youll find everything your looking for in opinions.

Continental Tkc 80?

I'll second the Conti's

I just bought a Kenda Track Master 2. It's awesome off-road. It's road manners aren't so great, but it's not bad.

Want to try the Bridgestone ED77 and ED78.

Anyone here tried them?

Anyone running the 130/90-18 Dunlop D606 on an XRL? Does it fit? Does it rub?


I ran a Terraflex 140-80-18 on my L so no trouble at all for the 130/90-18 d606.

I just got a new TKC-80 on the back of my XRR. 140/80 size. I love it.

Very good performance both on and off-road.


Here's an interesting page I ran across:

I've tired the Kenda K270's on my XR650R. On the street I HATED them at first--really squirmy feeling. They started to grow on me though. Did I just get use to them? Tough to say. They worked suprizingly well off-road here in AZ. Walking the psi line between tube/rim protection and traction helped them grab really well for what they are. They've got quite a soft carcass so don't go too low--I didn't have the guts to go under 14psi.

I'll try the IRC clone of the K270's for my next set of 50/50 type tires. During the dirt season I like MT21's.

All I know is the stock Bridgestones wear very fast. My rear tire has only about 650 miles on it and it's about half gone:eek:

MT21 have been great. Kinda loud on the street but wonderful in the dirt.

The stock tires dont work off road.

I need a hard core off road tire for my 87 xr600, I believe it is a 17 in tire...

I need something that bites,,, the tire I have is in good shape, but When I crack the throttle this baby spins,,,,or maybe I just have to live with all that torque being fed to the rear tire....It is awsome...

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