1st ride 2003 450

Just had my 1st ride on my 2003 wr450.:) I came off a 2002(52) u.k. ktm 450exc. What a difference..feels like coming off a 300!!

My questions are

(A) my grey wire has been cut, but where is it on the bike..would like to check it.


Air valve on bottom of cylinder (Top of rear spring) how much air should be in the cylinder. how often to check..??:thumbsup:


Grey Wire on my 03 WR450 is under the tank, there are several connector blocks, one of the 6 wire blocks has grey wire center,bottom- between blue/white and the red/black. Grey wire is grey on both sides of connector.

Remember to seal both ends so it wont get grounded. Mine had been snipped but not seperated so it was touching intermittantly. Good luck!

Do a search for more of the " free mods" like cutting the grey wire.As far as the shock res. it is to be filled with nitrogen by a shop not air.Have Fun!

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