WR426 2001 Supermotard project for street ???

I want to Supermotarize my WR426, is there someone that could help me with this ????

My bike is already legal for street, I use 70/30 type tire but I would like to put real street rubber on it. I'm on a budget and the price of new wire wheel is to high, is there someone who know how to modify street bike wheel??? What wheel should do the job and wath will be the modification I have to do? Do you know where I could have this information on how to do that on the net.

And what would be the best modication I could do to have more power? Is there something to do with the stock pipe? Before my WR426 2001 I have a YZ426 2000 and it have more power and it rev a lot higher, why???

Your help would be very apreciate.... Thanks


WR's come with all kinds of mods so that they satisfy EPA (AntiPollution) requirements. Do a search on the following mods

- throttle stop

- grey wire

Other 'free' mods to get more power, again do search

- remove air box lid

- YZ timing

Not so free but still cheap mods : Jetting

- you can rejet the beast to gain more power.

- de-octopus / AirCutValve

Expensive Mods....

- exhaust, header etc

It will cost you around 300$ for each wheel if you use the stock hub and lace it yourself.

White Brothers has all the stuff, or buchanans, and they both know the set up you should have.

A good suspension shop can lower your bike too.

Keep an eye on the trail of the front end, if the rear sqauts too much it will look like a chopper but have no trail resulting in very poor stability.

I believe that brembo also makes a bolt on 320mm rotor with a 4piston caliper and bracket for the yz/wr.

You might want to try wheels off of a GS500e, FZR600/400, CBR600F (first generation, 87-90). I tried to motard my YZ400 last year, and bought a set CBR600F2 wheels. Right of the bat I found out the following:

1. You'll have to mill the hubs down (very wide)

2. The front axle will probably fit

3. The rear axle will probably not fit. You'll have to find diff. bearings, and then have sleeves made.

4. The rotors won't fit the calipers. You'll have to make brackets to space the calipers in/out.

5. You'll end up spending a pretty penny.

Now that I have the WR, I'll just keep the rear wheel, but get a true motard front wheel, about $450 worth. From what I hear, you can utilize your existing front brake, and have plenty of stopping power.

If you do find wheels that fit, let me know!!

Good Luck

Hey Ronny

Send me a PM and I will email you photos and text regarding fitting RGV wheels to a WR400.

Thank's for all your reply,

ThumperTalk is the best source I found for information on my bike. There is a lot great guy here with a lot off knowledge and I want to thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge with me.

Thank's The Missile, SFO, jamracing, wrsm.


And please don't stop feeding me with your knowledge, tho more I will learn, the better my WR will be . ;o)

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