2006 WR 450 AIS head plug

I just need a freeze plug, or similar, to plug the hole in the head. I have had the AIS removal kit from Yamaha on for a while now and it runs great. I was riding last week and the whole elbow piece that is press fit in the head blew out with the pretty aluminium plug on it. I want to get rid of that whole piece and perminantly plug it.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

What size I need?

where to get it?


I got the TT kit and those plugs are machined and I know the big one is tappered. I'd go ahead and spend the money on that kit and be done with it. As high as gas is, you'll do like me and spend $35 on that looking for a 50cent part that might not even exhist.

I'd second the TT kit, it worked great. They fit snug and all you need is some high temp silicone and your on your way.

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