Best Exhaust for '06 YZ450F

I agree that a good system is not a total waste of money. The FMF Ti4/Power Bomb on the '03 is a definite improvement over stock on that bike, and my '06 responded very favorably to the Dr.D system. But on a bang per buck basis, they really do cost a lot for what you get from them.

The Zip-Ty carb mod, OTOH, makes a big difference in performance, and at $100, it's also a great deal. It sharpens the throttle response throughout the range.

How about recommendations for a good system that includes a spark arrestor AND comes in at 96dB or less?

Has anybody had their '06 tested for sound with the PMB spark arrestor endcap?

At first I put an FMF Ti Powercore w/ a powebomb header on my '06.

Low-end seemed good but I thought the silencer was flimsy and the way the sparky attached is really weak...I live in NorCal and need to be able to easily switch from spark arrested to non sparky.

I saw that someone on here had good luck with the White Bros pipes so I ordered an E2 silencer.

Man was I surprised when I first rode it...the combination of the PowerBomb header and WB exhaust rips! And it's super easy to take the sparky off and go to a full track system and the bottom end is insane!

I love my WhiteBros Carbon Pro on my 06 450F

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