Yamaha Privateer Pro needs help with electrical on 450F

Charles Castloo is having electrical problems with his 2007 YZ450F. I reposted this from Mototalk in an effort to help him out.


My 2007 YZF 450 has no fire and I need another YZF 450 around the Riverside, CA area to trouble shoot and figure out the electical problem. I have eliminated the spark plug (tried new and used), the Coil/spark plug cap and I disconnected the kill switch. The way I see it, that leaves me with the stator, the actual wire harness, and the CDI box. I don't want to waste money buying stuff that isn't the problem. I need to find someone that will let me swap stuff on to my bike until I get some spark out of it, then I will return everything back to how it was and buy the needed parts for mine. I would probably just try CDI, then harness, if neither of those fix it then I will just assume its the stator.

Please reply, PM or email me if you can be of any help. Thank you in advance!!!


Anyone else had any electrical issues with a newer YZF 450?

There have been some reports of stator coils failing in the '07's. I suggest he test according to the manual.

One of the guys at Vet-X has been having the same prob with his 06... STATOR. Haven't heard this on an 07 yet. It is a recurring problem. Check with Yamaha. Also beg one of the Yamaha test riders for help.

Same problem im having on my 07. Havent gone about fixing it yet. Ill keep ya guys posted tho.

have got the same problem with an 08 now!! ran great for days none stop then pulled her out of the van to wash her and no spark


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