TrailTech Vapor

I've been looking at the Vapors... I have a few questions for you guys that have them.

Do you guys remove your stock speedometer assembly, or leave it there?

Does the speedo cable just hook right up to the Vapor and will the stock cable be long enough if I mount the Vapor on taller bars?

What about turn signal, side stand and hi/low beam indicators? Are they on the Vapor, or would I have to buy the dashboard kit?

I removed all but the gear piece on the front axle. The Vapor comes with a plug to keep the dirt out of that thing. XRs Only makes a spacer replacement for it.

Vapor does not use the speedo cable - it uses a magnet/sensor setup just like a bicyce computer/speedo

Not sure about the current model, but a year ago the Vapor did not include any turn signal indicators. I just added a few 12V LEDs to the front turn light signals in parallel to add that.

Hi-Low is part of the baja kit on mine - no way to run that throught he Vapor. It has lights to warn you from overrevving and high temps.

What about turn signal, side stand and hi/low beam indicators? Are they on the Vapor, or would I have to buy the dashboard kit?

You'd have to buy the Dashboard kit.

It does replace the stock speedometer as well as the drive cable as you were told but what it doesn't have that the stock spedo has is the indicators. The indicators on the Vapor (without the dashboard) it has 2 LED in the upper corners. you set them to your shift points by RPM and you set them to your Temperature max so you have a warning if its above the set temp.

I haven't used the dashboard so I don't know how it works... I know its purpose thats about it.

I would highly recommend buying the spacer kit for the front axle from XR's only. It will eliminate the cable drive unit at the front wheel. It comes with a new seal, and also an aluminum spacer. Very trick.

Did yours come with the right temperature sending unit? You have an air cooled bike, and you probably got the wrong sending unit with the computer. You will have to get the right sending unit sent to you in order to make the temperature part of the Vapor work with your bike.

I have the dashboard with my Vapor, looks and works great.

on second thought - what's wrong with the XR650L's speedo setup? Isn't everything you need in that dash? Other than remembering peak temps and peak rpm info, I don't see where you'd gain anything going to the vapor, other than when you sell the bike nobody will believe your odomoeter reading

Here's a pic of the Vapor and dashboard on my 2006 XRL.


Here's the speedo sensor.


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