What gas for stock XR650R

Hi, my bike is an uncorked, etc. XR650R (stock piston/compression).

I've always used premium gas, but on my last ride I was too lazy to go get gas so I filled her up from that lawnmower can, which contained regular.

I noticed no difference. Wasn't pinging either.

So am I wasting money with the premium stuff?


as long as you dont get any noise, run it!

Anyone else run regular without issues? I can't get premium in my town.

No worries......These things were built to run on 87 all day.

Honda recommends gasoline with a 92 (R+M/2) octane rating for the XR650R. I run 91 as there is no higher alternative in my area.

Lots of environmental factors play a role in an engine's minimum required octane rating. What works fine for one guy might not work fine for another because of those factors. For example, trail riding through the mountains won't require as much deto protection from the fuel as tearing up Glamis-type dunes in April.

If 87 shows no signs of detonatoin then there ya go. But be on the lookout for it when you encounter conditions that favor deto until you're confident it's not going to happen under any circumstances you'll encounter. Conditions that favor deto: low elevations, high ambient temperatures, high engine temperatures, low humidity, wide open throttle operation (i.e. high manifold pressures), high engine loads, lean jetting, and probably some other things I'm not thinking of at the moment.

Sweet. I'll try 87 from the pump then. Hopefully no more jerry cans for me.

Mine is ok on reg but I run Shell V-Power just for the clean burn additives or Chevron with Techron has all the good additives allso my valves are still spotless after many miles.

2002 XR650R Street Legal (Creator of the dust cloud)

The bigger they are the harder they fall .)

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