buying a wr450 or 426

hi guys i have a yamaha wr200r (two stroke ) and my father has a bmw f650 i have no problem with my bike but my dad tells me to sell my bike and he his to get a wr450/426 or ktm lc4 640 together..i really like the bikes and prefer the wr450/426 but i have some questions... are they ok for road use ? do they need alot of money for keeping in good condition ?(the engine etc..)do they burn alot of petrol ..?compared to a wr200 for example ..i ask these questions because i have a friend here who has a wr426 which is really fast etc but he said its really expensive to keep in good condition..he says also his tranny had a problem once and the valves also which are really expensive..thanks for any answers

i have a wr200 and a 450 both great bikes my son 16 rids the 200

he goes in for fuel way sooner then me. and i seem to spend more on the 200

but that could be his compleat lack of fear

yasu!why not get the xtx660 or a ktm 450.i see alot of xt 600 in greece.but if you are riding a 200 2 stroke you want somthing like a 400 to 500 range so for you any dr400sm or vor 530 or 503 or the ktm's a xr 650 is good but may be heavy for you.also husky or husaberg if you want the yamaha get the 450 or xtx 600 not the older 426 as ive heard people having problems with it...or wait a couple of months and i'll sell you my vor when i bring it over! adi ya!

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