extra valve noise on xr 600r is this normal???

hello guys.

I just purchase a 95 XR600R dual-sported and have been noticed a lot of extra valve noise.:)

is this normal?

the bike oil measure its above the full mark on the stick

start´s allright and pull´s like hell.

Will this be enough to tell if the engine is damaged?:thumbsup:

any info on this matter?


check the valve clearance.

check the valve clearance.

Yup, check the valve clearance first, then if it's whithin spec, and it STILL makes noice, most likely you'll need to replace the rocker arms and cam.

Most likely though it just needs to be adjusted. :thumbsup:

tank´s guys for your help:applause:

All the RFVC engines have two part rocker arms. All that extra moving metal makes a bit more noise than a normal one part rocker arm even when everything is adjusted correctly.

Make sure you are getting oil to top. verify thru the top external metal line. Is the filter in backwards. Easy to do & will dust you top end with no oil.

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